Review on MAXGear M3 PLUS Heart Rate Smartband

It took me a while to finally decide to buy this smartband. When i went back home for Christmas, i saw my brother were using this type of heart rate monitor wristband. Asking my sister-in-law where she bought it for my brother and if it is safe to buy online. Then, she recommend me to check on a few websites such as LAZADA and 11th Street. So, i did search for it. I make and online search and found a few different brands on these two website. Lazada gave slightly higher price than 11th Street so finally i decide to place my order from 11th Street because it came with free shipping (Yippie!). At this stage, i didn't know that MaxGear have its own website and also Facebook page and the price there is a little bit cheaper.

Here is my review:

It is easy to place my order and i don't have any problem making online payment as well. (5/5)The order only takes seven days to reach me and one week for me is an ideal time because i am from East Malaysia, Sarawak to be specific. Besides i …

Review of Food i Hunt in 2017

I am a fan of Chinese food. Seriously, i just like everything about Chinese food especially soups but i am not the one that crazy about the internal organs or too exotic Chinese food, just the ordinary one. Sharing a few photos of food that i get last year which is not so awesome for others but it great for my happy stomach. (^-^)

This is only a few dishes that i tried and almost had it whenever i craving for it. Hoping that this year 2018, i will be able to prepare this food myself. Need to learn how to cook. (^_^)

Happy New Year 2018!

Setting Goal for 2018 - Will i have one soon?

Year 2017 is coming to an end soon. Only less than two weeks we will celebrating a new year. I never really setting any life goals after make one new year resolutions way back in 2014 (New Year resolutions 2014). When i read this entry which i make four years ago, i am not sure to laugh or to cry... LOL. Some of it i already accomplish but some are yet to be true.. ha ha ha.. So why not making more specific goal for year 2018. I think i should, though i am not sure if i am serious or not this time... hmmm... 
Google is my bestie when i need an inspiration, so i try to find good advice online, on how to set a good life goals. Here is some of the article i found and maybe i should try to use the method they suggest. Honestly, i am very bad in following other people advice because i am a stubborn fella and always do things following my own head/heart. 
The Life Plan: How To Design A Happy Life For 2018 by Career Girl Daily
I love how this writer put it. Simple yet makes sense to someone …

Online Shopping Again!

This is my 6th time bought clothing from SALLYFASHION page. In my previous orders, some were correct sizes some are not. So, i decide not to shop cloth online anymore because i end up wasting my money and can't wear the cloths. However, this 6th time is a bit of desperate because i am going to attend a wedding early June. So, i have no time to go to shopping mall and look for a dress. Instead of wasting my time walking from one mall to another mall (usually it really took away my time if shopping for a dress), i decide to look at midi dress in Sally Fashion website. So here is my pick:
What i think about this dress? I bought M size and it fit my body well but i don't really like the belt so i might not using it if i wear this dress. Overall, it is okay.
 I bought M size for this dress as well. At first i want to buy red but then i change my mind because black can fit any occasions. This dress is just nice on my body and it does looks great. However, i have to modified that sm…

My Bracelets New Collection (June 2017)

Since i was so bored with what i am doing with my life these past few months, so i start to find something that can distracts me from my frustration. Then, i took out all my beading's stuff from my storage box and i might did something since it has been a while i stop.
Here is what i made as a gifts for a few of my friends. I was thinking about selling this but i am not really good at calculating and estimate the price for each of my handiworks. 
Type: Gemstone Bead, Natural Rose Quartz (Enhanced) Size: 10mm Charm: Made with love  Note: Received by my friend Flo in good condition. I have to send it twice to Putrajaya because when i first send it to her, she was away for Gawai holiday and no one pick up her parcel. She loved it! 
Type: Gemstone Bead, Natural Rose Quartz (Enhanced) Size: 10mm Charm: Crucifix  Note: Courier it to my friend in Sabah and she just received it yesterday. Actually i also made an earring to match this bracelet. She loved it!
Type: Cats eye beads  (actuall…

Feeling Useless

I am trying my best to stay positive and avoid the negative vibes that really get into me now. In this current situation i really feels like i am the most useless person in this workplace. I did try not to complaint anymore but it seems to be very hard to be here.

What should i do? Is it talking to my superior will help or worsen the situation? I have less confident on this because this working environment is not healthy at all.  
On the side note, i am paid to deliver my job not to be stagnant and out of the loop of everything that happen. Am i still the outsider? If i ever done anything wrong, please don't put me aside but confront me and talk to me. I feel like not only useless now but just a piece of shit which will be washed away. Full stop!

Another Hiking Trip to the Lost World of Sabah

In September last year, my friends and I make into realization my dream to conquer Maliau Basin Conservation Area forest trail. However, we were a bit disappointed because we didn't managed to complete the loop trail because the accommodation at Camel Trophy Camp is fully occupied. Even so, i notice that if we carry on with the original itinerary, we will suffer. Why? Because the mission unlikely to become realization. We were not fit enough and, even though some of us fit but as for myself, i am not fit to complete that 42km loop trail.

Early this year, we were talking about making a second attempt to complete the forest trail loop but this time we will only have about four of the original members. Thus, we have to find another new members to join us. By March, another member pulled out so we finally have only three original members and five new members. This time, looks like we were having a very competitive members because some of them are Mt Kinabalu mountain guide. Hmm... i …