Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My 2016 Birthday - Jungle Style

I was on my High Conservation Value assessment's field trip to Ulu Baram from 15th until 23rd June 2016. It happens to be my birthday was exactly the time i am still walking in the forest observing birds, mammals, frogs and enjoying the cooling nice morning mists. We didn't celebrate because none of my friends aware of my birthday but it doesn't really matters for me because what i really need is a prayers. Woke up in the morning, i say a little prayer for my birthday this year.

“O St Therese of the Child Jesus, it is my birthday today. I want to give thanks and praise Jesus for this 35 years of my life blessings. Teach me your little way which will bring me closer to Mama Mary and her son, Jesus. Continue to pray for me and guide me in my life journey on earth till the day that i die and meet you in Heaven. I love you Jesus, I love you Mama Mary, I love you St. Therese of the Child Jesus. Amen.”

I am thankful to God for the gift of life and i has been given a chance to live 35 years on this earth. I ask no more than a good health and be the lights to others. Love more and give more to people around me. Your grace is enough Lord. 

Grateful Heart,
Little Rose

Friday, June 10, 2016

Why I Blog?

Image Source InfoSpace
There is a few reasons why i write a blog and i end up having quite a number of Blogs in these both domains, Blogger and Wordpress. When i recall back, there is a point of time that i became addicted with creating blogs. I was having this thought of sharing everything i have in my mind and don't want to keep it to myself. However, i ended up abandon many of my blogs because i can't keep up with it. Even to maintain postings in my main blog become very difficult for me. Let me list down some of the purpose of why i blog:

  1. To improve my English writing - English is my second language and i learn it in school. However, after graduation and enter the working world, my English is very poor both in oral and writings. A friend of mine introduce me with Blogspot way back in 2008. Since then, i start to write and i can see my improvements as years goes by. 
  2. Sharing my experiences in the field - I love my job as a field biologist so much and i have the great opportunity to work closely with wildlife in the rainforest of Borneo. So i blog about my working experiences which other people didn't have the opportunity as i did. It is my nature blog.
  3. Expressing myself - I have many positive and negative thoughts about my struggles in life. Relationships, works, spirituals and finding my true self. So, i express it by blogging so i create this blog which i share many random things related to many different topics. 
  4. Hobbies - I have some other interests such as gardening and beading crafts, so I wrote about it too and i create one blog especially for my gardening in Malay language. But i abandon that blog quite a few years now because i didn't do much gardening like before because i keep changing jobs from one place to another place. 
  5. Preserving my native language - I was away from my hometown and mixed around with different people from different races and background. Therefore, i have less time using my native language to converse with people. I have this strong feeling that one day, i will forgot most of my native language vocabulary. So, i decide to create a blog written in my mother tongue, Melanau.
These are my reasons why i blogs. However, i am facing many difficulties to ensure my blog is keep updated and running. One of the biggest problem is, LAZY to think and write. When i log in to my blog and start my very first sentence, i lost words and my brain is shrinking. I worn out ideas too.

Image Source Hongkiat
However, I am glad that I blog because, sometimes my blog is like a diaries for me to keep track of what is happening in my life and when was that happen. I don't have journals that i keep writing everyday so usually i forgot what happen in the past and when i need the information, i don't know where to dig it. Luckily, i have a blog and i can just search for it in my own blogs. Quite valuable information when i need it though. 

Image Source Langwitches
So, as a conclusion, Blogging is a Journey. We have our own reason why we blog, so its up to us to decide whether to blog or not. I have been blogging for almost nine years now and it is still not easy to make sure my blog is updated but one thing i am really sure is I ENJOY WRITING & BLOGGING! I make new friends by blogging and share our thoughts and interest. 

Happy Blogging!
Little Rose

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Kuching Street Photography Outing (SSPKuching)

I took photos whenever i walk in the forest or when i went to a new places. But I never participate in photo hunt or outings with photographers except during my work in the forest. My brother involved in photography and he will coming to Kuching city for this Street Photography Outing for two days session with his fellows photographer's friends in two places which is Kuching Waterfront and Serikin Weekend Market, Bau. He allows me to participate and he borrowed me his Nikon DSLR camera (I am sorry, i don't know the model, i just use it for this two days).

On the first day at the Kuching Waterfront, we have a short briefing by my brother John Ragai and Mr. Bakir Bujang before we proceed with our photo hunt around 9am. We were dispersed in a few small groups and walking along the streets near Kuching Waterfront. Here is two photos that i took using my Samsung Note 3 smartphone.

This is my first shot using my Samsung Note 3
Capture my brother in action at the Bishop Gate also using my Samsung Note 3
On the second day, we leave Kuching as early as 7.30am after taking breakfast at Mile 3 together with Damien Pino and his sister, Veron Sebastian. We arrived there quite early but there already many vehicles and people are amazingly early visit this bazaar.

The very first thing that attracts me when we arrived there was this big "baruk" (looks like gazebo to me though!).

The Bidayuh's baruk is built at the entrace to this bazaar.
After we taking group photo and a short briefing by Mr. John, we dispersed and start to capture interesting moments and everything else. As i am new to my brother Nikon DSLR camera, i just click the button.. Ha ha ha.. Quite interesting though to walk slowly and observed what is happening around me. I usually did this when i am doing wildlife survey in the forest especially with the birds. But now i am working among the crowds and doing my observation. I feel insecure.. LOL

Our group photo at Serikin Weekend Market, Bau. Photo credit to John Ragai
So, here is the three shots that i kindda like it among all others unsuccessful photos that i took. Even though it is not so good but i love what i capture in these three photos. These people gestures reminds me of something in life.

A little girl with this rattan chair and see her smiling face.
The lady and that gent is looking at different things and see the expression on their faces.
It is not easy to sell sweet oranges, perhaps and this girl scribbles something on the piece of cardboard.
So, to end our trip we stop by at the Fairy Cave and just did a short caving with my brother and sister-in-law. I was saying, From the Street to the Nature!

Fairy Cave, Bau, Sarawak
It was quite an interesting weekend exploring places that i never been to. I am satisfied with this new experiences with my brother and sister-in-law. Besides, i met new circles of people and make new friends. Thanks to my brother for this great opportunity.

Newbie Street Photographer,
Little Rose

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

It Is None of My Business

Photo Credit to Google Image Search
At present, i am sure many people talk about me, don't get me wrong, i am not a celebrity though (LOL). But, it doesn't matter because they see things happen around me. They make their own assumption and judgement based on what they see and what they think they know. Some maybe criticize and condemn me, some maybe pity me, some maybe doesn't really care. Thus, i decide to just be silent and move on with my life. I don't have to justify to all people why i am doing this and why not that etc.

As i scroll over my FB newsfeed, i saw this post by Mr. Martin Jalleh, What other people think of me is none of my business! by Brenda Freeman.. I read through that short article and, hmmm... its quite true. So, here it is.
Many people have told me over the course of my life that “What other people think about you is none of your business.” Early in my life, and even in recent times, I had striven to be liked, to not upset people, to keep the peace, but I found all I managed to do was put myself in a twist trying to please everyone in all things. When I was first told this quote, “What Other People Think of me is None of my Business”, it was one of those light bulb moments. You know the one when it all seems so clear and simple. I realized in an instant that what people think about me, truly isn’t about me. It is about them, not me. Their thoughts are not my business. It is theirs. I had been striving for the impossible. To always be thought of in the “right way” by other people. While it is “nice” to be highly thought of by others, I now understand that it is far more beneficial, and far more achievable to be highly thought of by myself. Are you a people pleaser, but harbour deep felt resentment in doing so? It is impossible to make everyone happy with the choices we make. If you worry about getting everyone’s approval, you’d never get anywhere. If you let what others think of you become your business, it will consume all of your time and energy, draining you of the ability to move on in your life. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean being completely ignorant of others feelings, but rather their thoughts about you. You cannot change their mind by constantly worrying and stressing about what they think of you. What you can do, is be the person you are truly meant to be and feel comfortable with that. More than comfortable though, be the person that you want to spend your time with. Forget the thoughts about you from others and concentrate on the thoughts you have about yourself. I have done a lot of soul searching in recent years and have finally learned to accept and love the person I am without having to put on any fronts. I no longer live my life based on what others might think of me, whether it be negative or positive. We all like to hear those positive thoughts from others, but remember that whatever the thoughts from others are, it “Is None of Our Business”. The words from others are useless unless we believe them to be true in our own hearts. In reality they probably have other things on their minds other than what you are doing.
It is truly none of my business. I am just doing what my hearts tell me to do. As long as my journey is guided by the Holy Spirit, i know i am blessed and i am heading to the right path..

"When I have nothing, I appreciate more. When i am lost and fall, God found me and lift me up. When God is in me, i have nothing to fear because He will provide and leads me to the greatness."

I am who i Am.....
Little Rose

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Traditional Clay Beads Earrings (Again!)

It has been a while i didn't update this blog. The same reason, i am too lazy to write and my limited access to the internet via desktop. I am not feeling comfortable and i don't really like to post using my smartphone. The screen is too small and the mobile application is okay but still i am not a  fan of it yet. 

So, i was learning DIY earrings again and as usual Pinterest helps me to get my brain works on its creativity part. I have many supplies now, from different types of pins, beads, wires, rings, and so on but my creativity is limited. So, i was browsing though my Pinterest account and found many amazing designs and some are very complicated for me to try and some are pretty easy. 

Since i also have about a metre of leather line so i decided to try to make a simple one based on the ideas i get from Pinterest. As you can see, the picture shows a few example of the pearl and leather earrings, so that is my basis. 

Taken from my Pin Board on my Pinterest account
Tada...!.. This is finally what i made. I know, i know.. its not looks that amazing but i am happy that finally i can combine these leather and traditional clay beads. It still looks great for my ears.. Ha ha...

Till i make more of this and i sell it out... I must have a dreams.. (^___^)

Little Rose

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Dilemma Again...!

Photo credit to Google Image Search
I am in this position again whether to choose right or left. Whether it is good for me, for others around me or the other way round. Making decision is always tough because there is always a sacrifice to make. Will it be good for the future or just for the present time? Will it give impacts to the people i love, will it give impacts to the people i am with now or future? What about the relationships with the people where i am now and what about the future? Will this be a long term or only a short term? But one thing i know is that, FUTURE is UNKNOWN and it is a risks to take. Future at the current place or at the other place is both unknown. Only God knows my future, because He is the writer of my life story. Whatever decision i will make, i know for sure, God is always with me... If i make a wrong decisions not according to His plan, or i make the right decision and follow His plan, i know i am Blessed in all ways. Thank you Lord for the gift of FAITH. 

Photo of Rajang River taken by myself on 25.11.2015

Walking with Faith,
Little Rose

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